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Mobile security patrols simply means having one or more security guards that are able to move freely around your business site. They not only spot and report suspicious behaviour, but also act as a visual deterrent for break ins and other criminal activities.

Mobile security guards may be on-site during hours when your business is closed, or they may be working 24/7. Whichever option, a mobile guard ensures your business is protected from the risk of crime whenever you need that security.

You may already have CCTV systems in place on-site for your security provision. However, unless this is monitored through an alarm receiving centre, a CCTV system is of little use other than providing evidence of criminal activity to the police.

CCTV systems do have their place though. Mobile patrols are often used alongside existing CCTV monitoring. When used in conjunction with a mobile guarding patrol your security protection significantly increases. Having a mobile security patrol on-site, ready to act upon suspicious behaviour undoubtedly reduces the risk of criminal activity.

BusinessWatch Guarding Services provides mobile security patrols in Peterborough and the Cambridgeshire region.

How many mobile security guards you need depends on the size of your site, the risk of crime and how many patrols required during the hours protected. Some business types naturally attract more criminal activity so would require more security provision.

A mobile guarding patrol service should be tailored to your particular site and business needs, with your budget taken into consideration too. A mobile guarding patrol is a more cost-effective security solution to manned guarding for those on a budget.

Benefits of a Mobile Security Patrol

Sense of Security

Having a security guard onsite can provide a sense of protection and peace of mind to both business owners, employees and clients who visit site. Employees working in high-risk areas will feel safer knowing their employer takes their security seriously and are more likely to be retained. A sense of security is particularly important for those businesses that are located in areas with higher crime rates or those businesses that deal with high-cost products.

Crime Prevention

Having a security guard on-site is a great visual deterrent. Thieves are much more likely to target another company site if they know there’s a mobile security patrol operating on your site. Mobile patrols are professionally trained to identify suspicious behaviour, monitor live CCTV footage and act on any security situations that arise. Would a criminal target a business site with active CCTV and a mobile patrol? Or would they rather take an easier option and target a site with just CCTV? The latter makes much more sense in a criminal’s eyes.

Handling Crime

Mobile patrol guards are trained to varying levels when it comes to handing a criminal situation on-site. Some may take details and contact the police for assistance, whereas others may be able to detain suspects until the police arrive. It is your decision as to what happens should a crime occur and we will always provide a security guard that matches to your procedures.

What Responsibilities does a Mobile Security Patrol have?

Exterior Patrol

Exterior patrol is extremely important when you have a large site. Not all areas may be able to be covered effectively by CCTV systems, so an active mobile patrol guarding service on-site can help ensure complete security provision.

Interior Patrol

Indoor mobile security guards will have complete access to all areas of your buildings. They will check all doors and windows are locked, monitor for any breaches of security and act quickly should any criminal activity take place.

Vacant Property Security

Vacant properties are more susceptible to deterioration, misuse and criminal damage. A Vacant Property Inspection Service helps to protect your property against all forms of damage including fire, flood, theft, vandalism, graffiti and illegal occupation.

Why Choose BusinessWatch Guarding for your Security Guard Mobile Patrols?

We provide mobile guarding patrols in Peterborough and across Cambridgeshire. All our security guards are SIA licensed and fully trained. By working with you and understanding your security requirements, we will ensure you’re matched with a security guard that matches your specific business needs.

If you’re:

  • looking for a mobile patrol service for your business or
  • not happy with your incumbent security service

then contact us on 01733 942799 for a free, no-obligation quotation today. One of our expert Guarding Consultants will be able to discuss your requirements, and if required, arrange a suitable time to conduct a free site survey.