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Waking Watch Security

Always alert to the threat of any security or fire risk

Waking Watch is another security service we offer to ensure your facility stays safe and secure 24/7. A security guard is assigned to patrol your premises on foot, making sure no areas are left unchecked. The Officer is responsible for identifying and reporting any suspicious activity or potential security breaches, as well as quickly responding to alarms and emergencies.

Available for both commercial and residential buildings. It’s a balance between being alert, vigilant, and approachable. The guard needs to be aware of their surroundings while also assuring employees or individuals on the premises are safe. We provide an invaluable service, giving peace of mind to everyone in the building.

The benefits of Waking Watch Security to your building

Officers will patrol your premises to identify any potential issues to security or the safety of occupants. The visible presence provides reassurance to anyone living, working, or visiting the building.

They remain watchful and proactive throughout to ensure they identify early any changes which may compromise safety on-site. In particular, fire safety inspections are carried out frequently together with several other checks.

  • Ensure exit points, corridors, and doorways are kept clear
  • Undertake visual inspections of the building perimeter
  • Clear any rubbish and debris to prevent potential fire hazards
  • Inspect stairwells and cupboards to remove any obstructions

Our Officers provide building occupants with a sense of safety and reassurance. The focus on fire safety means the risk of damage is minimal due to early fire detection. It also ensures people can be evacuated quickly and safely should a fire take place.

All our team are monitored constantly through GPS technology so we can identify where they are at any given time. This means they can be redeployed to where they are needed quickly.

To discuss your requirements and for a free, no-obligation quote, or a site survey to establish your needs, get in touch today.