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Reception Services

Professional security service at your front-desk

Security Reception Services provide a first line of defence against potential threats by controlling access and monitoring activity at entrances as well as exits. Providing an extra level of comfort for your employees who can focus on their work knowing that the building is secure.

Our team are trained to focus on the detail and can handle stressful situations. Implementing security reception services is not just about protecting your assets but creating a safe environment for everyone in your workplace. Whether it’s a corporate office building, an educational site or a bustling public venue, the right security reception services can provide the peace of mind you need.

The benefits of reception security services

Recognising the importance of first impressions, our Security Officers are trained to provide first-class customer service. There to be vigilant to any potential threats but also able to meet and greet visitors courteously.

Focused on keeping your building secure, particularly when occupied, access points are constantly monitored and checked. Deterring uninvited visitors while identifying any unauthorised personnel and removing them from your premises before they can pose a threat. All packages and bags entering the building are also inspected and checked to ensure nothing untoward enters.

What is included in our reception services

All our Security Officers are trained to carry out reception duties, these include:

  • Checks on any visitors entering the building
  • Maintaining visitor and access logs
  • Issuing ID badges
  • Inspecting any packages or bags

The job of our Officers is to protect your employees and visitors from any potential risks. This is why before deploying any of our Officers they must be familiar with your site plan and understand your evacuation procedures. In the event of a fire or security alert, they can then help everyone vacate the building as quickly and safely as possible.

To discuss your requirements and for a free, no-obligation quote, or a site survey to establish your needs, get in touch today.