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Event Security

Experienced security teams to safeguard your event

The security team at an event plays a critical role in maintaining a secure environment, from controlling access points to monitoring the crowd for any suspicious activity. You must have a comprehensive security plan in place before the event, outlining procedures for emergencies, communication channels, and designated security personnel.

Our team are trained and equipped to deal with any situation, a critical role you can depend on to mitigate potential threats. Event security requires a proactive approach that prioritises the safety and well-being of everyone. We work collaboratively with you to ensure attendees are welcomed to the venue and have an enjoyable experience without any concerns.

Benefit from a complete security service for your event

If you’re running an event, you need to have a security presence to manage the crowds, monitor the behaviour and provide attendees with the reassurance they’re safe.

Corporate event security

Security at corporate events is a critical concern for businesses. Whether it’s a product launch, a conference or an internal company conference, the safety and security of attendees is a top priority.

Our security officers can ensure the safety of your guests, protect your assets and offer customer service skills to project the right image for your business. Offering a range of solutions to meet your needs, we provide uniformed Officers, access control, surveillance equipment and emergency response planning.

Public event security

The nature of these events means you’re dealing with large crowds and potential security threats. This is why we insist on creating a well-coordinated security plan. Our teams are trained in identifying potential threats while ensuring the safety and enjoyment of event attendees.

Measures we undertake include bag checks, metal detectors and on-site surveillance to deter criminal activity. Covering festivals, concerts, charity races and local galas we understand that communication is key to the success of any security plan. This includes liaison between event staff, our security team, and the police. Focused on providing a safe and secure environment for everyone.

Close protection security

As part of our event security service, we also provide close protection for high-profile individuals. These are specialist security measures implemented to minimise any potential risks to ensure the safety and protection of everyone.

Equipped with specific skills to recognise, assess, and respond to threats in a calm but decisive manner. Responsibilities include making risk assessments, crowd control and conflict resolution all within the live environment of an event. Keeping a low profile but being vigilant and prepared to tackle any threats.

To discuss your requirements and for a free, no-obligation quote, or a site survey to establish your needs, get in touch today.