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Security guard dogs help to protect you, your employees and your business premises. Through searching people, vehicles and property and providing early detection of threats to your business, security dogs and their handlers can prove invaluable to your site security.

Having security dog handlers and dogs on site can reduce the number of security guards needed on site. The mere presence of security dog signage can be enough of a deterrent for criminals and their activities.

Duties of a Security Dog

Security dogs and handlers have a list of duties to ensure effective security protection. These include:

  • Guard any property when required regardless of whether the site is occupied or not
  • To protect lives which may be at risk
  • To attack when necessary and provide defence in confrontational situations
  • Pursue criminals fleeing the scene
  • To sniff and detect any illegal or dangerous possessions on people such as weapons or drugs

When you might need a Security Dog

Employing a security dog and handler may seem extreme but in many circumstances, it can prove the most effective measure in protecting your employees and your site. Guard dogs may be the best option if:

  • you are a high-profile person
  • your business is classed as a high-risk industry
  • your site has been targeted by criminals previously
  • your business premises has a high value of goods on-site

Benefits of Security Guard Dogs

Visual Deterrent to Potential Intruders

Just the visibility of security guards coupled with a guard dog on site is highly effective. It enhances the sense of security on-site and acts as a deterrent to commit crime on your property. Having security dog handlers on-site can also mean less guards in one place, as a security dog is able to monitor a larger area.

Better Security Protection

Whilst CCTV coverage provides good security protection, it is considerably less effective than a security guard dog. Security dogs are trained to make both audible and visual signals when a threat is sensed. This is often well before any potential threat has been picked up by CCTV cameras on site.

Security dogs have an incredible sense of smell, sharp hearing and exceptional orientation skills. This often allows them to detect potential criminal behaviour well before a human security guard or electronic security systems.

Additional Staff Security

Ensuring your employees feel safe whilst on site is imperative. Guard dogs can help alleviate security anxieties especially if your site has been targeted in the past, or if your business operates in a high risk category that is often targeted for crime.

It also provides extra peace of mind to your security guarding provision. A lone security guard may be easily outnumbered in the event of an intrusion and having a guard dog as back up can provide that extra level of defence.

NASDU certified Dogs

It’s important to ensure security dog handlers are certified by NASDU, the National Association of Security Dog Users. NASDU uphold a strict code of practice on the care, health, safety and welfare of security dogs and provides training and qualifications for security dog handlers. NASDU is the industry standard, and ensuring your security guard and dog are certified will protect you against any liability on your property.

BusinessWatch Guarding Services provides NASDU certified security dog handlers for businesses and sites in Peterborough and across the Cambridgeshire region.

If you’re:

  • looking for a security dog handling service for your business or
  • not happy with your incumbent security service

then contact us on 0330 094 7404 for a free, no obligation quotation today.